What is truly terrifying about ghosts is the pity we afford them for their current state, the truest feeling they evoke most often is regret and grief.

Nothing is more sobering than seeing a once livened person or memory turn into a carcass of its former self. Comparisons from what was to what is can leave the strongest reeling.

Spirits and memories are sides of the same weighted coin, they can be cherished as well as dangerously heavy.

Drowning those who linger with them for too long in melancholy waters.

Ghosts may haunt houses, memories can plague people, and these reminders of the past are inescapable so it seems fit to embrace them.

Do not cave into these love notes from the past, like any good book it can be read when necessary but put down at the right moment so as to enjoy the present.

The past can have lessons to carry with you and people to love.

Those ghosts can’t be carried always though as the weight will become overwhelming.

Take the lessons and the memories and put them in your back pocket or your favorite album.

On certain days look back on the glossy pictures, savor the memories that bring you butterflies and tears.

Keep in mind however to put that book back on the shelf, dry your cheeks and go about the exquisite art of living.

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